Allowing reason to operate

Data analytics and artificial intelligence are rapidly changing the world in which we live. Opereason seeks to contribute to the development of civilization on this exciting frontier.

What We Do

We develop computer and scientific goods and services implemented with algorithms, models, software, apparatus, techniques or instruments.

We transform data into insight for the purposes of analytics, research, development, operations, artificial intelligence and consulting.

We operate reason in multiple domains. We are open to consulting contracts in data science and software engineering.

Agency to Shape the World

We are currently investigating opportunities in online recommendation engines that detect user interests and allow users to shape their interest profiles. Our hypothesis is that greater autonomy for users will drive the delivery of more relevant content which, in turn, will boost revenue for advertisers on a platform. Greater control over what occupies their attention may allow individuals to chart a course for a sustainable future. Curating one’s interests has been likened to tending a garden and the endeavor is similarly rewarding.

Financial Independence

Living within one’s means has been identified as a key to prosperity. We are assessing the development of mobile applications in insurance and finance to assist consumers in achieving their goals. Net present value (NPV) is a proven metric for measuring the value of multiple economic options. Individuals can benefit from tools that calculate NPV from approximations of risk and projected asset growth rate. Ways to specify a budget and keep its discipline in the context of purchase decisions will also generate value.

Health Research

Human affliction can be mitigated through health research and real-time, personal applications which leverage latent knowledge in small and big data stores. Opereason actively contributes to research in brain and cognitive science. The development of good and useful applications in artificial intelligence will find support in the principles governing human well-being and intelligence as much as in those governing engineering for the exchange of utility.

Applied Mathematics

The field of applied mathematics is the foundation of recent advances in data science and machine learning. Areas including statistics, optimization, information retrieval and operations research underpin the technology that informs our business. We support the professional development of our staff for acquiring the essential knowledge that drives innovation. This commitment extends to science, engineering, philosophy, and ethics.

Business Objectives

  • Engineer efficiency in industrial and business operations and processes

  • Align platform recommendations with detected and specified user interests

  • Mitigate climate change and preserve environmental biodiversity

  • Develop healthy interventions for human afflictions

  • Understand, further, and apply cognitive and brain science

  • Contribute to globally recognized goals for sustainable development

Research and Development

  • Develop artificially intelligent systems that can reason and infer causality

  • Validate hypotheses of multiple interacting causes from observed data

  • Design distributed algorithms that make the best use of resources

  • Preserve privacy while leveraging data assets for maximum benefit

  • Apply principles of operations research in optimizing multiple objectives

Products in Planning

  • Cloud-based APIs for platforms to cater recommendations to user interests

  • Engines enhancing platform suggestions with detected and specified user interests

  • Social network graph simulators to discover the causes underlying behavior

  • Strategies to achieve objectives in conditions of trusted autonomy

  • Modules to precisely plan and deploy logistics, equipment, and movements

  • Consumer applications for aiding financial, insurance and legal decisions

  • Solutions that leverage open geographical data for location-based recommendations

  • Decision tools that mine world bank economic data for policy insights

Skill Sets

  • Python, R, Julia, Java, C, C++, SQL languages

  • Azure, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Spark

  • Machine Learning, Data Science, Software Engineering

Opereason Analytics Inc.

Established 2009

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